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Abarth History

  1. Carlo Abarth: Even at the tender age of 11, Carlo Abarth was already a legend in the making. He covered the wooden wheels of his scooter with a leather belt to go faster and outpace older children in his neighborhood. Performance, speed, and motoring were ingrained in his DNA. Abarth’s bravery and passion would later change the concept of tuning and performance1.

  1. Founding Abarth & C: After a successful career racing motorcycles and cars, Carlo Abarth founded Abarth & C in 1949, alongside Guido Scagliarini. Their first vehicle was the 204 A Roadster, based on the FIAT 1100. Remarkably, it immediately won the 1100 Sport Championship and excelled in Formula 2 racing1.

  1. Tuning and Performance: Abarth & C not only raced but also produced tuning kits that enhanced the performance, power, and speed of standard vehicles. Within a few years, the company had 375 employees and was manufacturing around 300,000 exhaust systems annually. Abarth’s philosophy was to create small, agile, and high-performing cars, much like the scorpion—the brand’s emblem. Carlo Abarth himself achieved numerous records behind the wheel of his modified cars1.
  1. Record-Breaking Feats: At the age of 57, Carlo Abarth set acceleration records in his Class G Fiat Abarth “1000 monoposto record.” He even lost 30 kg by following an apple-only diet to fit into the cockpit. His relentless pursuit of speed and performance defined the Abarth brand1.

  1. Continuing Legacy: Today, the Abarth brand maintains its unique DNA, synonymous with performance, driving pleasure, and sporty appeal. The story of the Scorpion continues, facing new challenges and creating unique vehicles that evoke emotion in those fortunate enough to drive them1.

  1. FCA Heritage: The Abarth brand’s place in motoring history is secured by its iconic mufflers and revolutionary sports cars. FCA Heritage preserves and champions this legacy, telling the tale of Carlo Abarth, his unforgettable cars, and the incredible records that shaped the legend of his eponymous brand12.

So, whether you’re a racing enthusiast or simply appreciate automotive history, Abarth’s journey is one of courage, innovation, and speed!

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