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The history of Ferrari

The history of Ferrari is a captivating journey that intertwines passion, speed, and innovation. Let’s delve into the fascinating story of this iconic Italian automaker:

  1. Early Beginnings (1929–1937):

    • Enzo Ferrari’s love affair with racing began early. In 1908, at the tender age of ten, he decided to pursue racing. By 1919, he was already a racing driver.
    • During the 1920s, Enzo worked for Alfa Romeo both as a driver and an employee in its Milan sales depot.
    • In 1929, he broke away to form his own racing team, which he named Scuderia Ferrari. This outfit was meant for gentleman drivers and amateurs.
    • Scuderia Ferrari was founded with a million-lira loan from a local bank, additional backing from wealthy amateur racer Mario Tadini, and support from the textile industry Caniato brothers and Pirelli.
    • Enzo negotiated a partnership with Alfa Romeo: Alfa Corse would have the latest cars, while Ferrari’s scuderia would use lower-end cars and hand-me-downs.
    • The team’s first race was the 1930 Mille Miglia, using Alfa Romeo-supplied cars. It marked the beginning of a legendary journey1.
  1. The Birth of Ferrari (1947):

  1. Triumphs and Challenges:

  1. The Legend Lives On:


In summary, Ferrari’s history is a thrilling saga of speed, craftsmanship, and passion—a legacy that continues to accelerate into the future.

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